Unwind Your Entire Body with Belly Button Healing

As the center of our bodies, the belly button also lies at the center of the body’s extensive network of fascial tissue. The fascial tissueFascia Tissue Unwinding the Body  which holds our organs in place and provides containers for a fat and in the fluids. This network of strong yet flexible tissues deeply into woven and interconnected. Normally, fascia  is relaxed and can move without restriction.

However, when it gets too intense due to factors such as maintaining one posture for a long time, repetitive movements such as typing, scarring from surgery, emotional or physical trauma, or inflammation, it becomes more difficult for your organs to function. Tense or restricted fascia can put pressure on the body and cause pain, stressed, and limited motion as a result.

The pressing  and massaging motions of belly button healing release fascial  tension. Because of the neighbours location, pressing their release tension not only from the area around a belly button, but along the entire fascial network.  Its one  reason belly button healing practitioners report greater relaxation, flexibility, and pain relief in areas from the pelvis, to the lower back, to the legs, arms, and necks.

Along with the release of tension in the intestines and the abdominal muscles,  release of tension in the fascia permits greater blood and lymph circulation throughout the body and food motility through the intestines.

From  a physical perspective, belly button healing, by stimulating the gut brain, increasing core temperature and blood circulation, and Hanson the activity of gut microbes, and reducing fascial tension,  helps improve our bodies condition and natural healing capacity.

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