Unknown Secrets of the Belly Button

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I have thought many times there must be some use for the belly button, something associated with the body’s system..” Especially when I was first introduced to the Belly Button Healing method,  I had heard and read many testimonials of people who have applied the Belly Button Healing methods.  I began thinking that the belly button holds many mysteries and secrets for recovering and maintaining health.

Research tells us that there are more than the thousands of microbes living inside our belly button itself., the real wonders of the navel lie in what’s behind it. In that important area of your body, its centre, we find yards of intestines, major blood vessels, important lymph nodes, trillions of gut microbes, a strong line of immune defence, and most of all, our second brain – the enteric nervous system.

The health of this micro ecosystem affects the health of our whole body. That health is highly dependent on circulation and temperature.  We thrive when we keep the world behind our navel warm and flowing, something that’s difficult to do in today’s modern, sedentary lifestyle.  Without much effort, Belly Button Healing stokes a fire in our belly, realigns our body structure for better flow, flushes waste, and pumps vitality to the entire body.

There are three different angles that this is accomplished. The first is from a physical perspective based on the systems of the human body as they are currently understood by modern science.  The second is from an energetic perspective, which is based on Eastern medical principles and systems of energy.  The third is from a philosophical perspective based on my own realisations concerning the source of life and our connection with the earth through the belly button.

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