The 5 Golden Rules on How to Cure Diabetes Naturally with Belly Button Healing

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The 2014 National Statistics Report published the alarming facts about the skyrocketing rate at which the diabetes epidemic is getting more than any other health condition. In the United States alone, the statistics on diabetes currently cover 29 million adults and children or 10% of the population with diabetes. While 21 million people have been diagnosed, over 8% of the diabetic population are not aware they have the disease.

Diabetes is a group of diseases that affect the body’s ability to produce or use insulin, an important hormone for turning glucose into energy. When not controlled properly or left untreated, diabetes can lead to severe and lasting health problems, such as cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, kidney failure, infections, loss of limbs, blindness, stroke, and ultimately, coma and death.

Due to the rapid growth rate of diabetes, developing various drug treatments has now become a multi-billion dollar industry for many pharmaceutical companies. Unfortunately, more than the brandished benefits, these diabetes drugs treat the symptoms only, but not the underlying cause. Some even cause undesirable and harmful effects, such as increased rate of heart attack. What many diabetic people are probably not aware of is that there is no need to rely on pharmaceuticals because belly button healing is here as a safe and healthier alternative on how to cure diabetes naturally with ease.

Belly Button Healing was created by Ilchi Lee, a natural healing expert and New York Times bestselling author. Similar to acupressure and abdominal massage, the remarkable Belly Button Healing is a holistic health method involving regular and mindful stimulation of the navel either with your hands or using a tool. If you’ve been diagnosed with diabetes, you’re most likely experiencing pain, low immunity, skin dryness, eye trouble, etc. Belly Button Healing has been proven to provide healing and relief to a wide variety of problems affecting nearly every part of a person suffering from diabetes.

Here are the Five Golden Rules when using Belly Button Healing in How to Cure Diabetes Naturally with 100% Benefits.

1. Stimulate the Belly Button to Get a Healthy Gut. The gut is mainly responsible for hosting the digestive tract, one third of the blood in the human body, over 75% of the immune system, and trillions of useful microbes. By massaging the center of it all, the gut remains active, making the organs fit and healthy. The detoxifying and calming effects of the massage are helpful in creating a strong environment for abdominal organs and gut microbes to perform at their optimum level.

2. Press and Massage the Navel for Five Minutes to Relieve Pain and Tension. The belly button area is composed of extensive networks of nerves, muscles and tissues connected to all major organs and body parts. Working around the different parts of the navel helps provide immediate pain relief.

3. Rub the Belly Button to Boost Energy. The area around the navel is an important acupressure point. By stimulating it, better energy circulation is achieved and energy in the abdominal energy center builds, resulting in increased vitality.

4. Push the Belly Button to Uplift Mood. The gut produces two important body hormones responsible for happiness, joy, motivation, mood and emotions. Stimulating the belly button area helps keep the gut clear and healthy, increasing your pleasant feelings.

5. Stimulate the Belly Button in Rhythmic, Mindful Manner to Rebuild the Connection Between Body and Brain. It also allows you to become more aware of the early warning signals your body is telling, enabling you to manage your health properly.

Managing diabetes can be a real challenge. The disease involves a lifestyle change and following a treatment plan with astronomical costs. When you consider the other expenses, such as insurance, supplements, etc. implementing a simple plan on how to cure diabetes naturally with Belly Button Healing becomes a cheap investment for your health.

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