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“Belly Button Healing relieved tight muscles and pain in my lower back and hips within just twenty-four hours. Add this technique to your self-care routine and see how it strengthens your second brain, the gut, and pumps more energy and vitality into your life. I highly recommend it.”
– James Westphal, MD, Chief of Psychiatry of the Adult Mental Health Division of the Hawaii Department of Health.

“I’ve never experienced such a simple, yet powerful method like this. Just few minutes of Belly Button Healing made so much difference. My shoulder loosened up and the sciatic pain in my left side lessened, and I could raise my leg much higher. Everybody should give it a try.”
– Edward Jang, MD, Internist and Family Practitioner

“I have incorporated many of Ilchi Lee’s techniques into my personal daily meditation, health, and exercise practice for several years. I have found Belly Button Healing to be a simple way of calming my mind, relaxing my body, and promoting a peaceful sense of well-being. I’m happy to recommend this wonderful technique to everyone.”
– Reed Tuckson, MD, Managing Director at Tuckson Health Connections.

“I’ve been using Belly Button Healing on myself, and I’ve found that it has lessened the intestinal side effects of the medications I must take every three weeks, making me much more comfortable. I encourage everyone to start their own daily practice of Belly Button Healing and discover its subtle yet profound benefits for themselves.”
– Deborah Coady, MD, OB/GYN, Pelvic Pain Expert.

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