Speed Up Your Blood Circulation with Belly Button Healing

The Belly Button area of the abdomen continues to be the source of vitality long after we have left the womb.  As you know, after birth, we can no longer get nutrition directly from our mother’s blood.

But in a sense, we are still not independent, because we must take nutrition from other organisms, in the form of fruits, vegetables, seeds and animal products.

We do not take that through the belly button, of course, but insetad, we must process it through our digestive tract, which converts our food into nutrients that can be absorbed by the blood.  Improving our circulation with Belly Button Healing can help us get the most out of the food that we eat.

The organ that is stimulated directly when you press your belly button is your small intestine.  The intestines are the organs that handle key digestive functions.  When food mixed with gastric fluid goes from the stomach into the small intestine, it is broken down into smaller particles and its nutrients digested, and the remains are sent to the large intestine.

Occupying virtually all of the central abdomen, the small intestine reaches a length of approximately 23 feet (seven meters).  The large intestine is usally about five feet (1.5 meters), so, combined, the approximately 28 foot long small and large intestines fill the abdomen.

Protruding from the walls of the small intestine are tightly packed intestinal villi, which absorb butrients.  The inner wall of the small intestine is wrinkled as much as possible to increase its surface area, so much so that a thousand microscopic villi are attached to a single cell.  If we combine the surface area of all these villi, they are approximately 3200 square feet (300 square meters) in size.

Nutrients absorbed by the villi move into the capillaries of the small intestine and are transported throughout the body.  The cells use these nutrients to create plenty of energy which makes the body warm and vital.

To perform this important job, about 30 to 40 percent of your body’s entire blood volume flows through the abdominal organs.  the thickest blood vessels in our bodies, the abdominal aorta and inferior vena cava, are located immediately behind the belly button.

You can feel your pulse beating strongly if you gently press your navel with your hand.  This is your pulse felt through your abdominal aorta.  Because of its position, by pressing and stimulating your belly button, you can increase the blood circulation in the abdominal area most effectively.

Usually, it takes 45 seconds for blood to circulate through our bodies one time.  as press down repeatedly and rhythmically during Belly Button Healing, the small intestine moves more vigorously, improving the flow of blood in the small intestine and throughout the body.  It also warms the area, which is known to assist blood circulation.

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