Refresh and Revitalize Your Gut with Belly Button Healing

You’ve heard over and over again that you need more exercise to be healthy.  Yet, for most people, this simple piece of advice is so difficult to follow.  Until just a few decades ago, people walked most places that they went and lived lives that involved a lot of physical activity.

Lately, though, with the development of mechanized means of transportation, people move even short distances by car and sit in chairs, never taking their eyes off of their TV, smart phone, or computer screen.

So there is no way they’re going to walk much, unless they intentionally take the time for a walk, hike, or workout on a treadmill.  Adding the effects of excessive stress, processed food and environmental pollution makes it difficult for us to protect our intestinal health.

Our intestines, structurally, wind around in our abdominal cavity and have gaps between countless protruding villi, which provide plenty of space for food residue to stagnate.  In particular, the toxins that are excreted when over consumed animal proteins are broken down act as factors causing the intestines to stiffen.

The intestines also become stiff when a state of stress induced tension continues or when the left right balance of the body is broken by bad posture.  Saying that the intestines become stiff means that intestinal function is weakened by poor circulation and excretion and that reduced intestinal motion leads to stagnation which causes the formation and build-up of hard lumps. When you actually do intestinal massage, which will be introduced later, you’ll find that the intestines of some people a soft while those of others are hard and don’t give much.

If the intestines a stiff, resulting in excessive discharge of active oxygen or toxins, this may put an increased burden on the liver to cleanse the body. The heart is also burdened more when blood circulation in the intestines slows. Toxins discharged in the intestines can accumulate in the synapses of the brains neurons, causing problems in the transmission of nerve signals. This in turn, can cause brain pathologies like cognitive and behavioral and impairments, and can lead to dementia. To prevent such problems, it’s extremely important to create a healthy environment in the intestines.

Exercising the intestines is more effective than anything else for preventing or relieving stiffness. No one thinks they should consciously exercise the intestines, though, because they are not a part of the body we can touch directly or move how we want, like our arms and legs.

Also, stiffness and reduced intestinal function can lead to a situation in which putrefactive Bacteria are always increasing and numbers when the balance in the intestines is broken. The role of putrefactive  bacteria is breaking down the body of an organism.  Putrefactive  bacteria are not necessarily and only bad, but if the numbers grow too much, they can cause various diseases.

For example, when water is flowing well through Gorge, the microbes or minerals and it are in a state of optimum balance. The water putrefies and stinks, though,  if it’s flow is blocked at some point. In other words, it now has too many putrefactive bacteria full stop spraying a disinfectant because putrefactive bacteria have grown to numerous will kill the germs, but I could also cause a collapse of the natural ecosystem. So the best way to solve the problem is to break through the blockages, enabling the water to flow naturally.

This also applies to the principles of belly button healing. Through regular, rapid vibration and stimulation of the belly button, and exercises and relaxes stuff, less active intestines and breaks through blockages, effectively restoring a natural, healthy intestinal ecosystem.

The more water putrefies,  the more biological oxygen demand increases. When the concentration of organic matter and water increases, the activity and number of a aerobic microorganisms that break down organic matter and purify the water also needs to increase.

Microbial activity is inhabited by a lack of oxygen, however, so irregular oxygen supply is essential for purifying water. In the same way, a great deal of oxygen is required to discharge and purify toxins in our intestines as well as other areas of our bodies.

Belly button healing as a very effective method for increasing the amount of oxygen supplied to the body. When the intestines become more flexible through belly button healing, movement of the abdominal muscles becomes more active, which also causes the diaphragm to move more, and more naturally.

When the diaphragm moves more, the  amount of hair inhaled increases, which also increases the amount of oxygen supply to the body. Through this, purification of waste products and toxins becomes more vigorous and every nook and cranny of the intestines and throughout the body, refreshing the whole body and allowing it to recover vitality.

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