How You Should Care For Your Belly Button

Clean Belly Button

You may have noticed that material readily accumulates in the folds of your belly button. This is usually a build up of fibres or cellular debris, along with various microbial organisms. Although the number and types of microbes differ from person to person, according to a 2012 study by North Carolina State University, approximately 70 different  species live in the belly button.

The researchers state that,  thousands of bacteria live in our navels, like a rainforest. It’s quite beautiful. Most of the microbes living on our skin, including those in our navel, not only cause no harm to their host, but they even act as a defence force, protecting the skin from harmful bacteria.

So, aside from taking regular baths or showers, you don’t need to clean your belly button much, especially because it contains a team of very helpful bacteria. If you try to forcibly extract the debris stuck in your belly button, you could cause injury or get an infection because the skin tissue of your navel is weak. Just gently wipe away only the visible areas with a cotton swab.

For cleanliness and not to irritate this area when you do belly button healing, it’s better to place your fingers over your clothing or a towel, not on your bare skin.

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