Eight Points of Belly Button Healing

According to reflexology in Eastern medicine, the belly button can be divided into eight sections that correspond to different organs and parts of the body. This is a great technique to use on your clients as well as on yourself!

Wherever you are having issues, you can angle the Belly Button Healing wand to that area and gently massage there to relieve the stress point.

If you’re not sure what area is a weak point for you, then push down on each of the eight sections and see where it hurts. Pain means that you’ve found a stress point and corresponding body part that needs your love and attention!

You can do Belly Button Healing on that stress point for 2 minutes and see if the pain is lessened. If that area is very tense and blocked, you might not feel immediate effects. However, massaging the stress point everyday for just 5 minutes a day will start to improve their condition.

Check out each of the eight points everyday since your condition condition can fluctuate daily!

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