Belly Button Healing – A Way to Be More Connected

If you do Belly Button Healing for a while, you will deepen your understanding of your own body. You will become more aware of where you feel pain in your body, and whether your energy and blood are circulating well.  You will begin to notice the depth and length of your breathing, and whether your mind and body are relaxed.  As you experiment with experiences like these, you will feel the changes that come with doing Belly Button Healing.  You will be able to communicate with your body, and you will learn how you should manage and care for it.  Additionally through deep Belly Button Breathing, you will experience your own life energy, along with deep stability and peace, as you are connected with the Source of Life.

     In our times, personal relationships are growing more difficult. Belly Button Healing, however is a simple way to become closer to other people.  You can teach it to the people around you, and your family members can take turns performing Belly Button Healing on each other.   It is as simple and as fun as playing a game together.  Trust and bonds of affection naturally grow deeper between the person giving and the person receiving Belly Button Healing through the healing power of touch.  And you might communicate more readily with each other as you talk about how you are changing from Belly Button Healing.

Belly Button Healing is a simple, yet powerful method to promote health, and has the power to heal the Earth. Belly Button Healing is a truly powerful tool that not only lets anyone experience immediate effects, but allows them, through deep breathing to experience their deeper inner spirit and soul.  Few people know the true significance of the belly button.  The navel, which contains the amazing principles of life, is a boutton for promoting natural healing and vitality, a button through which we can connect with people and the world.

Take an interest in your belly button, starting right now, at this moment. Press your belly button whenever you get the chance.  Experience a deeper connection with yourself through your belly button.  Profound, holistic healing and transformation will begin in the center of your body, which will in turn spread to your whole life and to the whole world.

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