Belly Button Healing: A One Point Solution to Total Health

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Belly Button Healing was created by natural healing expert and New York Times bestselling author Ilchi Lee, Belly Button Healing is a remarkable self-healing method that involves regular and mindful stimulation of the navel with your hands or a tool.

Similar to acupressure and abdominal massage, and with a basis in Asian medicine, this holistic health method circulates blood, lymph, and energy and strengthens your gut.  It also relaxes your muscles and joints, deepens breathing, and fosters a meditative state of mind.

The most frequently reported benefits of Belly Button Healing include improved gut health, pain management, overall energy, emotional wellness, and self-empowerment.  This wide range of benefits are possible for a very simple reason:  Your belly button is the center point of your gut and your entire body.

Just below the surface of your belly button lies an extensive network of tissues, lymph nodes, muscles, organs and especially, nerves linking directly to the brain.

Belly Button Healing stimulates the major systems around and under your belly button and unlocks your second brain in the gut, empowering your body and mind to heal and return to balance.

The 5 Essential Benefits of Belly Button Healing

  1. Have a Healthy Gut.
  2. Boost Energy.
  3. Self-Empowerment
  4. Relieve Pain
  5. Get Happier

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