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Kia ora, Hello my name is Te Aorangi, I live in the beautiful far north region of the scenic wonderland that is New Zealand. I am married and have four young children.  My family and I live a good life and one that we are truely grateful for.  In recent years however, both my wife and I have unfortunately suffered from constant body aches and sometimes chronic pains.

Personally for a long time I have suffered with low energy as well as a pain in my neck that just wouldn’t go away.  My wife on the other hand has suffered with chronic back pains, constipation issues and stomach cramps.   We have both done numerous doctor visits, too many to mention actually.    Pain killers have always been prescribed for our ailments, which to be honest has never really done the job for either of us.

One particular day I had heard about a festival that was happening in a neighbouring town. The Earth Citizen Peace Festival to be precise, which was to be held over a weekend promoting global friendship and world peace. The Festival was to present a celebration of uniting peoples beyond boundaries as well as to promote a new culture of health, happiness, and peace for all. My family and I thought this would be a great festival of learning and sharing so we decided to go along and check it out.

On arriving at the venue we quickly noticed a whole bunch of people carrying what looked like yellow plastic sticks. They were rubbing different parts of their bodies with these things, but in particularly they were pressing these yellow plastic sticks into their naval regions.  There was a lady who was standing next to me who had one of these funny looking yellow sticks as well.  I turned towards her and asked “Excuse me what is that stick thing you are using?”.  She told me it was called a Belly Button Healing Wand.  I said “Umm sorry can you say that again?”.  She replied “It is called a Belly Button Healing Wand”.  I asked “so what is it and what does it do?”.  She firstly explained to me that the Belly Button Healing Method was created by a man named Illchi Lee the founder of Body and Brain Yoga and the Earth Citizen Movement.

The Belly Button Healing Wand was invented to bring healing for many different types of sicknesses and ailments, from stimulating better blood circulation, relieving pain and tension in joints, as well as improving concentration and relaxing both the body and mind. She showed me how it was used. She began pushing this stick into her belly button. Shen then began to tell me that she used to suffer from horrible shoulder and neck pain. But since she began using the Belly Button Healing Wand it had reduced her pain and suffering by a huge amount.

She asked if I wanted to have a turn. I said “Well funny you say that, because I actually have a bit of a sore neck right now”. She gave me the stick and told me to pump my belly button with it. I remember thinking to myself. This sounds and looks crazy, but then I thought well what do I have to lose. So I began pumping this yellow stick into my belly button.   I would be honest and say that it seemed a little ridiculous and it felt very strange at first, but after only a couple of minutes of continuously pushing this belly button healing wand into my naval and then having a rest my neck felt so much better. I couldn’t believe it.

My wife who was standing right next to me wanted to have a turn straight away. She pretty much snatched the stick out of my hand and she had a turn as well. After a few minutes of pumping her belly button with the stick, a huge smile appeared on her face. She turned to me and said “WoW my back feels so much better” Right there and then I told my wife we were going to purchase one.

I found out where I could purchase a Belly Button Healing Kit, while there I realised that I had left my wallet in my vehicle. I told the lady who was serving me that I would have to come back another time. She told me that they were running a raffle to win a Belly Button Healing Kit. I asked how much? She told me they were free raffle tickets you just randomly chose what number you wanted. I thought well why not, hey I could win a kit for free. I grabbed three raffle tickets and went on my way.

Only a few minutes later I heard over the loud speaker that they were going to draw the raffle. I remember my wife, kids and I waiting anxiously for the winning numbers to be read out, for whatever reason a calming peace fell over me. I don’t consider myself to be a lucky person and I couldn’t remember winning anything in the past. However this particular day at this particular time I remember thinking we are going to win. There were three draws. They read out the first number, it wasn’t our number. The second number which was called out well we were unlucky also. Just before they drew the last raffle I still remember saying to myself, I know we are going to win this. We are going to win this.

The number we had was 33. We listened to the MC on the Stage…It seemed like a life time before he called out the number. “To the third and final raffle, and the Winning Number is………Number…….33. I remember looking at my ticket and then I looked at our kids. A huge Smile came over me. My family knew. My wife let out a huge scream. We Won, We Won We all shouted. Everyone looked over towards Us. My wife got directed to the stage where she received our prize – a Belly Button Healing Kit.

From then till now we have not stopped using the Belly Button Healing Stick. It has improved our life dramatically. We all have more energy, I now have no pain in my neck, my wifes constipation and stomach cramps have settled as well as her back pain which has nearly all but gone. The Belly Button Healing Kit is incredible and has truly done wonders for our family. Me and my family highly recommend it, Purchase One Today. Your Aches and Pains will Disappear, and Your Body, Mind and All Over Well-being will Love You For It.

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