Unwind Your Entire Body with Belly Button Healing

As the center of our bodies, the belly button also lies at the center of the body’s extensive network of fascial tissue. The fascial tissueFascia Tissue Unwinding the Body  which holds our organs in place and provides containers for a fat and in the fluids. This network of strong yet flexible tissues deeply into woven and interconnected. Normally, fascia  is relaxed and can move without restriction.

However, when it gets too intense due to factors such as maintaining one posture for a long time, repetitive movements such as typing, scarring from surgery, emotional or physical trauma, or inflammation, it becomes more difficult for your organs to function. Tense or restricted fascia can put pressure on the body and cause pain, stressed, and limited motion as a result.

The pressing  and massaging motions of belly button healing release fascial  tension. Because of the neighbours location, pressing their release tension not only from the area around a belly button, but along the entire fascial network.  Its one  reason belly button healing practitioners report greater relaxation, flexibility, and pain relief in areas from the pelvis, to the lower back, to the legs, arms, and necks.

Along with the release of tension in the intestines and the abdominal muscles,  release of tension in the fascia permits greater blood and lymph circulation throughout the body and food motility through the intestines.

From  a physical perspective, belly button healing, by stimulating the gut brain, increasing core temperature and blood circulation, and Hanson the activity of gut microbes, and reducing fascial tension,  helps improve our bodies condition and natural healing capacity.

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How You Should Care For Your Belly Button

Clean Belly Button

You may have noticed that material readily accumulates in the folds of your belly button. This is usually a build up of fibres or cellular debris, along with various microbial organisms. Although the number and types of microbes differ from person to person, according to a 2012 study by North Carolina State University, approximately 70 different  species live in the belly button.

The researchers state that,  thousands of bacteria live in our navels, like a rainforest. It’s quite beautiful. Most of the microbes living on our skin, including those in our navel, not only cause no harm to their host, but they even act as a defence force, protecting the skin from harmful bacteria.

So, aside from taking regular baths or showers, you don’t need to clean your belly button much, especially because it contains a team of very helpful bacteria. If you try to forcibly extract the debris stuck in your belly button, you could cause injury or get an infection because the skin tissue of your navel is weak. Just gently wipe away only the visible areas with a cotton swab.

For cleanliness and not to irritate this area when you do belly button healing, it’s better to place your fingers over your clothing or a towel, not on your bare skin.

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Refresh and Revitalize Your Gut with Belly Button Healing

You’ve heard over and over again that you need more exercise to be healthy.  Yet, for most people, this simple piece of advice is so difficult to follow.  Until just a few decades ago, people walked most places that they went and lived lives that involved a lot of physical activity.

Lately, though, with the development of mechanized means of transportation, people move even short distances by car and sit in chairs, never taking their eyes off of their TV, smart phone, or computer screen.

So there is no way they’re going to walk much, unless they intentionally take the time for a walk, hike, or workout on a treadmill.  Adding the effects of excessive stress, processed food and environmental pollution makes it difficult for us to protect our intestinal health.

Our intestines, structurally, wind around in our abdominal cavity and have gaps between countless protruding villi, which provide plenty of space for food residue to stagnate.  In particular, the toxins that are excreted when over consumed animal proteins are broken down act as factors causing the intestines to stiffen.

The intestines also become stiff when a state of stress induced tension continues or when the left right balance of the body is broken by bad posture.  Saying that the intestines become stiff means that intestinal function is weakened by poor circulation and excretion and that reduced intestinal motion leads to stagnation which causes the formation and build-up of hard lumps. When you actually do intestinal massage, which will be introduced later, you’ll find that the intestines of some people a soft while those of others are hard and don’t give much.

If the intestines a stiff, resulting in excessive discharge of active oxygen or toxins, this may put an increased burden on the liver to cleanse the body. The heart is also burdened more when blood circulation in the intestines slows. Toxins discharged in the intestines can accumulate in the synapses of the brains neurons, causing problems in the transmission of nerve signals. This in turn, can cause brain pathologies like cognitive and behavioral and impairments, and can lead to dementia. To prevent such problems, it’s extremely important to create a healthy environment in the intestines.

Exercising the intestines is more effective than anything else for preventing or relieving stiffness. No one thinks they should consciously exercise the intestines, though, because they are not a part of the body we can touch directly or move how we want, like our arms and legs.

Also, stiffness and reduced intestinal function can lead to a situation in which putrefactive Bacteria are always increasing and numbers when the balance in the intestines is broken. The role of putrefactive  bacteria is breaking down the body of an organism.  Putrefactive  bacteria are not necessarily and only bad, but if the numbers grow too much, they can cause various diseases.

For example, when water is flowing well through Gorge, the microbes or minerals and it are in a state of optimum balance. The water putrefies and stinks, though,  if it’s flow is blocked at some point. In other words, it now has too many putrefactive bacteria full stop spraying a disinfectant because putrefactive bacteria have grown to numerous will kill the germs, but I could also cause a collapse of the natural ecosystem. So the best way to solve the problem is to break through the blockages, enabling the water to flow naturally.

This also applies to the principles of belly button healing. Through regular, rapid vibration and stimulation of the belly button, and exercises and relaxes stuff, less active intestines and breaks through blockages, effectively restoring a natural, healthy intestinal ecosystem.

The more water putrefies,  the more biological oxygen demand increases. When the concentration of organic matter and water increases, the activity and number of a aerobic microorganisms that break down organic matter and purify the water also needs to increase.

Microbial activity is inhabited by a lack of oxygen, however, so irregular oxygen supply is essential for purifying water. In the same way, a great deal of oxygen is required to discharge and purify toxins in our intestines as well as other areas of our bodies.

Belly button healing as a very effective method for increasing the amount of oxygen supplied to the body. When the intestines become more flexible through belly button healing, movement of the abdominal muscles becomes more active, which also causes the diaphragm to move more, and more naturally.

When the diaphragm moves more, the  amount of hair inhaled increases, which also increases the amount of oxygen supply to the body. Through this, purification of waste products and toxins becomes more vigorous and every nook and cranny of the intestines and throughout the body, refreshing the whole body and allowing it to recover vitality.

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Maximize Your Immune System’s Power with Belly Button Healing

When you are in your mother’s womb, your immune system comes entirely from your mother, as she shares her antibodies with you through her blood. But as we enter the world on our own, we must develop and maintain our own immune systems.

This system is of great concern for peoples health these days, since immune diseases are on the rise and the incidence of other diseases, such as cancer and various viral diseases, could be reduced if people’s immunity were stronger. Here again, most people do not realize how important their belly button is to their health, knowing how to maximize your immune systems power with Belly Button Healing is very important.

Large lymph nodes, called abdominal lymph nodes, are concentrated around the belly button. Lymph nodes are organs of the immune system. Just as blood vessels are distributed throughout the body, so, too, lymphatic vessels are spread throughout the body.

Lymphatic fluid, which contains immune cells, flows along these vessels, collecting waste material. Lymph nodes, the points where lymphatic vessels connect, handle immune reactions, such as inspecting lymphatic fluid an creating antibodies.

Many of these lymph nodes are gathered around the navel, as if surrounding it. Belly Button Healing assists immune reaction and excretion of waste products by appropriately stimulating these lymph nodes to facilitate the flow of lymphatic fluid.

When you talk about the immune system, people generally think of leukocytes and lumphocytes fighting against antigens that have entered the body. Intestinal health, in fact, has an important impact on immunity to disease because many immune cells are distributed in the gut, which has a lot of blood. Immunity, however, does not signify only the activity of immune cells. Recently, observers see the immune function of enteric microbes as equally important as that of immune cells.

Our bodies have what scientists call a “torus structure”, where a single channel extends from the mouth to the anus. In this hollow tube, different substances, including food, entering from the outside come into direct contact with the membranes of the gastrointestinal tract, or, in other words, with the body’s inner skin. The body’s internal skin, just like with the body’s inner skin.

The body’s internal skin, just like its external skin, is directly exposed to outside substances. When they enter the body, external substances stay for a short time in the mouth and esophagus, but they remain for a long period inside the intestines. During this time, the microbes in our gut protect our bodies from harmful yeast and bacteria.

The microbes living in the intestines also affect intestinal immunity. Three hundred to 1,000 species of microbes live in the intestines, and this environment is referred to as “gut microbiota.” Their total weight is approximately two to four pounds, and about 60 percent of fecal weight is made up of such microbes. Gut microbes not only break down food and create vitamins and hormones, but they also act to stop pathogoens.

Intestinal microbes are generally classified as beneficial bacteria, intermediate bacteria, and harmful bacteria. Although the ratio of these three will differ from individual to individual, beneficial and intermediate bacteria account for most of the species, and some harmful species coexist with them.

Beneficial bacteria promote digestion, create nutrients, and suppress growth of harmful bacteria. They also suppress the formation of harmful substances, prevent absorption of harmful substances into the body by strengthening the intestinal wall, and help immune cells function normally, enabling them to eliminate mutate cells effectively.

When the condition of the intestines is poor, harmful bacteria multiply excessively, which can cause inflammation, diarrhea, indigestion, constipation, hyperextension, inhibited liver function, obesity, and inhibited anticancer capabilities. Intermediate bacteria differ in their roles depending on the gut environment. In other words, intermediate bacteria act as beneficial bacteria when the number of beneficial bacteria in the gut increases, then act as harmful bacteria when the number of harmful bacteria increases.

If you want to protect your intestinal health, its important to increase the number of beneficial bacteria in your gut by improving its environment. A “persons death begins int the gut,” said world famous Russian biologist Ilya Ilyich Mechnikov. The enteric immunce system, which includes the activity of immune cells and microbes in the gut, it essential, accounting for 70 to 80 percent of the whole body’s immnuity. That’s how basic and central protecting the health of the intestines is to health in general.

It has been revealed through many clinical studies is that body temperature affects immune system function. Immune activity increases when body temperature rises within the normal range and decreases when it falls. Belly Button Healing helps you increase abdominal temperature by exercising and promoting blood circulation in the intestines, resulting in enhanced immunity.

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Make Your Gut Brain Happy

You may have heard people use the phrases that connect the mind and the emotions to the gut, such as “you have to have guts to do that” or “I have butterflies in my stomach.”

Well as it turns out, science has discovered that the neurons that manage your gut from esophagus to anus, the enteric nervous system (ENS), can operate independently from your brain. Just like your brain, it has cells that take in information, cells that process it, and cells that tell your digestive system what to do.

Even if the connection between the enteric nervous system and the brain is cut, or your brain stops working, the gut keeps functioning. When the gut ceases to function, though, the brain also ceases to function. That’s why the ENS and its related cells are called “the second brain,” or “the gut brain.”

The brain and the gut brain come from the same embryonic tissue during development. the gut brain matures much earlier than the brain however. The vitally important ENS is fully functional at birth, while the brain continues to mature even into the teenage years.

In fact the ENS has the most cells of any part of the nervous system outside the brain. While the brains in our heads have about 100 billion cells, the gut brain has about 300 to 500 million – about five times the number in the spinal cord. The function of our gut is so important that it has a direct line to the brain via a cranial nerve called the vagus nerve. There are over 2000 neural fibers connecting our brains with our gut brains.

Through this close connection, these two brains can communicate closely and rapidly. The ENS can tell the brain whats going on in our guts and the brain, the body’s master control, can send signals so that the digestive system can work together with the rest of the body. That’s why, when a problem develops in the intestines, it affects the brain immediately, and, conversely, when a problem develops in the brain, problems develop in the intestines. Have you ever had a stomachache or indigestion when you heard bad news or were nervous? Have you ever had a headache when you had gas or constipation? These cases show us the tight connection between the intestines and the brain.

The influence of our gut brain on the conditions and functioning of our head brain goes even deeper. For example, the neurons and hormone-producing cells in the gut generate chemical signals that affect our emotions. Approximately 50 percent of our dopamine, the neurotransmitter that enables us to feel happiness, is created in the gut brain.

Over 90 percent of our serotonin, the neurotransmitter that gives us feelings for well-being, is also created in the gut, while only three precent is made in our brains.

Depression and anxiety, which develop when we don’t have enough serotonin, may be strongly influenced by problems of the intestines. Consequently, improving the health of the intestines can increase serotonin secretion, enabling us to maintain a positive mood and causing us to feel satisfaction and motivation.

In traditional Eastern medicines, it is said that “clear intestines make a clear brain,” emphasizing the importance of gut health for overall well-being. And the intestines are believed to handle “emotional” digestion. Emotions like anxiety, anger, and fear cause contraction of the intestines, reducing intestinal function. By releasing tension in the intestines, according to energy theory, it is possible to release undigested, stagnated emotions.

In addition to our emotions, our gut health has other effects on our brains. Most children with conditions like ADHD or autism have issues with their gut. Some adult brain conditions, such as Alzheimer’s disease, have been found to have a strong correlation with gut condition too. Many of these brain condition have been shown to get better when the patients gut condition improved. Sometimes, this was more effective than traditional treatments that target the brain directly.

The intestines coil in a counterclockwise direction, centered on the belly button, where the most nerves are also distributed. Your nerves are activated when you press your belly button with gentle and rhythmic movements. then, when you stop this motion, your nerves instantly relax, bringing further release of tension in the intestines and relaxation of body and mind. The belly button works like a trigger point to stimulate the entire ENS. Additionally, while your doing Belly Button Healing, you focus on exhaling. Focused exhalation increases the activity of the parasympathetic nervous system which helps your body to establish a more relaxed resting state ideal for the health of your gut.

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Speed Up Your Blood Circulation with Belly Button Healing

The Belly Button area of the abdomen continues to be the source of vitality long after we have left the womb.  As you know, after birth, we can no longer get nutrition directly from our mother’s blood.

But in a sense, we are still not independent, because we must take nutrition from other organisms, in the form of fruits, vegetables, seeds and animal products.

We do not take that through the belly button, of course, but insetad, we must process it through our digestive tract, which converts our food into nutrients that can be absorbed by the blood.  Improving our circulation with Belly Button Healing can help us get the most out of the food that we eat.

The organ that is stimulated directly when you press your belly button is your small intestine.  The intestines are the organs that handle key digestive functions.  When food mixed with gastric fluid goes from the stomach into the small intestine, it is broken down into smaller particles and its nutrients digested, and the remains are sent to the large intestine.

Occupying virtually all of the central abdomen, the small intestine reaches a length of approximately 23 feet (seven meters).  The large intestine is usally about five feet (1.5 meters), so, combined, the approximately 28 foot long small and large intestines fill the abdomen.

Protruding from the walls of the small intestine are tightly packed intestinal villi, which absorb butrients.  The inner wall of the small intestine is wrinkled as much as possible to increase its surface area, so much so that a thousand microscopic villi are attached to a single cell.  If we combine the surface area of all these villi, they are approximately 3200 square feet (300 square meters) in size.

Nutrients absorbed by the villi move into the capillaries of the small intestine and are transported throughout the body.  The cells use these nutrients to create plenty of energy which makes the body warm and vital.

To perform this important job, about 30 to 40 percent of your body’s entire blood volume flows through the abdominal organs.  the thickest blood vessels in our bodies, the abdominal aorta and inferior vena cava, are located immediately behind the belly button.

You can feel your pulse beating strongly if you gently press your navel with your hand.  This is your pulse felt through your abdominal aorta.  Because of its position, by pressing and stimulating your belly button, you can increase the blood circulation in the abdominal area most effectively.

Usually, it takes 45 seconds for blood to circulate through our bodies one time.  as press down repeatedly and rhythmically during Belly Button Healing, the small intestine moves more vigorously, improving the flow of blood in the small intestine and throughout the body.  It also warms the area, which is known to assist blood circulation.

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The Connection Between the Umbilical Cord and the Belly Button

When a child is born, the cutting of the umbilical cord is usually treated with some cultural significance.  Even in today’s high-tech delivery rooms, the father is often given that privilege, and it symbolizes the child’s entrance into the world as a separate individual.

But beyond that first day of life, we don’t think of it as having much significance.  This is not really correct, however, since most of its physical structures remain within our bodies after its prenatal function has ended.  Understanding this can help you get to know yourself and how you came to be in this world.

As it is generally known, the belly button is a vestige of the umbilical cord.  The umbilical cord was the lifeline that allowed us to develop as a living being.  In the womb, the fetus receives a supply of oxygen, nutrients, and information through its umbilical connection with its mother’s placenta.

One umbilical vein and two umbilical arteries flow through the umbilical cord.  Through these, we receive plenty of blood from our mother’s placenta, and we send carbon dioxide and waste products out.

The vessels that bring blood to and from the fetus, as well as other ducts that remove waste, constrict and degenerate into ligaments after birth.   These ligaments extend from the naval to the liver and bladder.

Some remain embedded in the abdominal wall behind the navel.  The inner portions of the umbilical artery remain a part of the circulatory system, connecting to the internal iliac artery that goes down into the legs, as well as the arteries that supply blood to the upper part of the bladder and ureter.

Have you ever had a tingling sensation in your bladder  or urinary system or felt an urge to urinate when you washed, picked, or poked your belly button?  This is because by stimulating your belly button, you also stimulate your umbilical artery and the ligaments that used to be the tubes that kept you alive.

The functions of the vessels have changed because your umbilical cord was cut, but their structure remains.  That’s why pressing and massaging your belly button, which once acted as a port and hub supplying oxygen and nutrients received from your umbilical cord to your whole body, has great significance.  When you do Belly Button Healing, the stimulation can affect the liver, bladder, pelvis, and legs, because they are connected with those former umbilical vessels.

The key to Belly Button Healing, is found in the position of the belly button.  The navel is in the center of the human body.  Gathered around the belly button are major organs for maintaining life, including digestive, circulatory, respiratory, and immune organs.

Consequently, we can influence these organs through Belly Button Healing.  Promoting good digestion, facilitating blood circulation, breathing deeply, and strengthening the immune system are essential components of good health.  The button that turns these on all at once, we can say, is the belly button.

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